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Wellness & Weight Loss Clinics
in Tacoma, Spokane & Vancouver, WA

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Lose up to 30 lbs in 30 days with 100% Pure HCG in Tacoma!
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Our Pharmacy
Our prescription HCG comes from a USA pharmacy and is derived from isolated and sterile human sources and prepared from by a highly regarded, FDA approved pharmacy here in the United States. Many other companies obtain their HCG from unknown foreign sources, or sometimes nonhuman, or facilities unlicensed and uninspected. Some even dilute their HCG. We have a certificate of authenticity and purity from our pharmacy! You receive 100% Pure Rx HCG.
How the process works:
You, the potential patient, contact us to set up an initial appointment
Once set-up, you'll be required to fill out and submit a complete medical history to your our clinic.
If your medical history indicates it, you may be asked to take some tests at a local medical lab. This will help our physicians determine if there is some underlying health issue that's affecting your ability to lose weight.
After we have your complete medical history on file, our medical professionals will evaluate your case and decide on which course of treatment is most appropriate (please bear in mind that most individuals are good candidates for HCG therapy, though there are some medical conditions that prevent its use).
Get ready for great results!
We can definitely help!
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We also offer
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It’s a great way to see if you are a candidate for our program and get more individualized information!

Are you looking for caring medical professionals to help you get healthy and lose weight? We offer an array of naturopathic services, nutraceutical nutritional products and prescription medications. Our physicians oversee patients for our medically supervised wellness programs including our proprietary Rx HCG diet for weight loss in Tacoma and Spokane, WA. Our Healthy-Aging Diet™ HCG weight loss plan is a doctor supervised diet plan that is clinically proven to help you lose weight fast!

Have you tried lots of other weight loss programs to try to lose weight, only to put the weight back on after you stop the program? Very often, these diet plans don't work, because they fail to address your individualized body type, protein needs and possible obstacles to your success. Our doctors, nurses and nutritional therapists will teach you to eat better for life by customizing our healthy eating diet program just for you! We offer our Healthy-Aging Diet™ with or without prescription HCG. Our Healthy-Aging Diet™ Weight Loss Program is different from other HCG weight loss diets as we focus on long term weight loss. Depending on your body type and lifestyle your typical daily calorie intake will be between 850-1250 calories per day. Our Healthy-Aging Diet™ plan also includes natural supplements and organic foods to aid weight loss. We take time to get to know you as a patient and we actively listen to your needs. If necessary we perform the necessary labs and imaging to create a individualized treatment plan just for you! And to properly facilitate and maintain weight loss we have a customized maintenance program!

Medically Supervised Wellness Programs include:

  • Weight Loss & Detoxification
  • Constipation & Bowel Issues
  • Anti-Aging, Skin & Hair
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Bio-Identical Hormones
  • Maintenance

Nutraceutical Products & Prescriptions

  • Natural Appetite Suppressants
  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Prescription HCG with Rx Sublingual Tablets with B12
  • Vitamin & Mineral Therapeutic IV Therapies • Proprietary Protein Shakes & Bars
  • Healthy Condiments

Our proprietary HCG Healthy-Aging Diet™ is the absolute FASTEST weight loss program you will EVER experience! Our weight loss program was created by our team of nutrition & medical experts.

Healthy-Aging Diet™ has HCG nutritional therapists, physicians, and nurses in Spokane and Tacoma that are medically licensed. Long term, healthy, effective weight loss is our goal for our patients.

When you first come to our clinic one of our nurses or nutritional therapists will:

  • Take your measurements and body composition.
  • Weigh you.
  • Take your blood pressure.
  • Review your medical history which our physician will go over in detail (we make sure that your current medical records are accurate so we can catch and eliminate any unnecessary risks. This will give you the best chance possible for successful weight loss).
  • And more

You can be assured that our HCG weight loss products come from nutraceutical companies that provide the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. We use nothing but licensed compounding pharmacies in the United States to prepare our prescription HCG.

We provide follow-ups from our medical staff who take the time to:

  • Get to know your personal needs
  • Monitor your progress
  • Create your treatment plan & treat you like a whole person!

You will learn how to lose weight and keep it OFF with our Healthy-Aging Diet™ weight loss program here in Spokane & Tacoma, WA!

memory care living at potomac homes
memory care living at potomac homes
Call us Today for a FREE Consultation! 253.272.4244
memory care living at potomac homes
memory care living at potomac homes
Healthy-Aging Diet
1310 S. Union, Bldg A, Ste 3A,
Tacoma, WA. 98405
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-5pm & Saturdays 9-1pm
Contact Us: 253-272-4244
Email: Dana@HealthyAgingDiet.com

We are located by Allenmore Hospital
memory care living at potomac homes
Healthy-Aging Body
3131 N. Division Ave., Ste 201,
Spokane, WA 99207
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-5pm & Saturdays 9-1pm
Contact Us: 509-324-0444
Email: Shanda@HealthyAgingBody.com

We are located by the clock tower on North Division St. We’re in Pounders Square Center, blue tile building #200 in the lower parking lot below Bridal Collections & Pounders Jewelry!
Sassy Body Weight Loss Clinic
613 West 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-5pm & Saturdays 9-1pm
Contact Us: 360-952-8184 • Fax: 360-693-1037
Email: Suzanne@SassyBody.com

We are located across the street from the courthouse

"HCG has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control. There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets. Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Medical supervision and compliance with our program is required".